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What our Clients Say...?

"I had another amazing experience today at Beddington! Needed to buy a duvet, covers and linens for a guest room on a very tight budget. Lovely ladies spent an hour with me going through all clearance items helping me to put together a matching set. It looks amazing, quality of items is outstanding (1500 bed sheet count!!!) and it cost me what I would spent at IKEA. Looking forward to upgrading my own bedroom linens next. Thank you!"
O. Pe
"And a special thanks to Gail and Melanie for going above and beyond to help their customers."

"Nine years ago I walked into Beddington's and with the expertise of the sales staff I purchased my first duvet.  It was and continues to be one of the best purchases I have ever made.  The staff at Beddington's are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.  They are willing to spend time with their customers to answer questions and to ensure that you purchase the right product.  I continue to recommend Beddington's to my friends."

M. Yearington
"Oh, my goodness...I did not expect this!! Wow!! This is a total blessing!! Thank you SO much!! I am very impressed with this customer service!!
Thank you again, Kirstin...I'm totally blown away at your company's generosity! You truly do stand behind your products!!"
"My daughter just celebrated her 21st birthday.   My gift to her was new bedding including a mattress pad, duvet, duvet cover and sheets.  She suggested that we “look around” but I insisted on a visit to Beddington’s before trying anywhere else.  

Within a few minutes of entering the store, my daughter found a duvet cover she loved.  Your staff then helped us select complimentary sheets, a mattress pad that would fit properly, and a machine washable duvet in a weight that could be used year round.  

One stop shopping, loads of selection and great advice.  Every bedroom in my home has been dressed by Beddington’s.  That tradition is continuing as the next generation is discovering all that you have to offer."

T. Murray 

"I walked into your Toronto North location last week looking for a sheet set and duvet cover, and was greeted by Lori McAlpine.... Lori made the whole experince so easy. She was so fun to deal with and she had the best attitude. And she was also able to work within the budget I had. You are so lucky to have her work for you... I only wish that there could be more people like her, and that every shopping experience could be like this one. I feel like its more the norm to have bad customer service, but not last week for me. I am one satisfied customer... and I will contiue to shop at Beddingtons. And on top of everything else... My room looks amazing. What Lori chose for me was perfect. : )"
K. Headland

"Beddington's is my favourite store in the Beaches. I often drop in  just to browse and walk out with new sheets, pillows, a duvet cover, bath towels and all sorts of handy knicknacks, just because of all of the great deals!

I recently brought a friend to Beddington's for her first visit, and she walked out with an armload of deals as well. I am definitely a 'frequent flier' at Beddington's.

Thank you Beddington's!"

S. Pfeffer

"Now a repeat customer...fantastic store!  Have told lots of people about you.  Great shipping rates...great prices - AWESOME products. Keep up the good work!"

D. Reid

"Love Beddington's! Cannot walk by my local store without going in. Great service, great merchandise and great sales! May buy stock in the company!!"

S. Peters

"A very comfortable way to shop. Your website is user friendly and easy to navigate"
L. Shields 

"Shopping at Beddington allows me to get the quality and style I want while staying within our budget. The personnel always greet me with a warm smile. They are very knowledgeable and happy to give advises and help in the selection of articles and colors. Beddington will always be my store."

D. Kirton

"Great service and very helpful representatives. Thank you for being a great company" 

L. Williams 

"I have shopped at Beddington's for 11 years purchasing numerous towels, bedding, decorative pieces for my home. Always wonderful, and helpful service, rarely do I enter your store without purchasing an item." 

M. Leduc

"I am writing this letter in praise and appreciation of one of your Sales Representatives, Mary Joy Rutherford. I am in the process of getting my oldest daughter ready for her first year of University and putting together her first 'home away from home'. This is a very exciting time and one that was made even more pleasurable by the experience of shopping for my daughter's bedding at your store on Yonge Street with the help of Mary Joy. She greeted me with a big smile as soon as I walked in the door and was ready to help in any way she could in the hopes of making this task as easy and enjoyable as possible. She was extremely knowledgeable with regard to all of the products available and possessed wonderful taste and creativity in putting together beautiful and comfortable bedding set for us. It is very clear that Mary Joy takes great pride and responsibility in the role she carries with your company and that customer service is of the utmost importance to her. Mary Joy, your warmth, enthusiasm and commitment to this task was outstanding and I want to 'thank you' so much for all your valuable help!"

S. Barron 

"I've been a customer with Beddingtons for a few years now. They are always pleasant and helpful when looking for something specific or if you have no idea at all. They have a great selection and amazing sales all the time." 

S. Pallag
"I think you have beautiful products, and I was very impressed with the knowledge and patience I received through your telephone support. I like that your website has the telephone support number at the top of every page."

N. Compton 

"My experience with Beddington's is always amazing. I have been going to Beddington's for years and have always left pleased.  The selection and quality are great.  The staff are always extremely helpful and friendly. "

L. Rodrigues

"I have ordered from you before and will continue to be one of your customers. Thank you for having such nice quality items!!!"

M. Widgren 

"It was the first time I have ever shopped at Beddington's. I was looking for a specific colour and they directed me to what I was looking for immediately. I would definitely shop there again." 

T. Fraser
"I am a regular customer at your store at 1939 Queen Street East in Toronto and want to express my sincere appreciation for the superb and consistent service I receive from the employees of this store. I would like to point out one of your employees in particular who has been incredibly helpful to me. Devon is extremely professional, very knowledgeable about your products and has been able to assist me to pick the exact right products to meet my needs every time. It is a pleasure to deal with true Professionals."

G. Miller 

"I love shopping at Beddington’s! They have such an amazing variety of exceptional quality products that are reasonably priced, as well as remarkable customer service – the 2 things I look for most in a company.

Thanks Beddington's!"

A. Chandra

"I am writing to compliment you on your sales staff at the Beaches store in Toronto. They, each and everyone, are always smiling. They have a pleasant word to say while putting through a purchase and a cheery farewell every time. I have shopped and I have done that famous "only looking" in the store and they have consistently made me feel welcome. They are very knowledgeable about their product and are prepared to spend as much time as it takes. Service seems to be something that has disappeared in the sales environment.

Congratulations for bringing it back."

E. Gerrard

"Beddington's not only has a great selection of linens, but great ideas for accents that really pull the room together. The staff are always so friendly and helpful in finding exactly what I need."

M. Seguin

"I felt compelled to send you an email this morning as I rarely receive good customer service, let alone exceptional service. I visited your Steeles/Dufferin store on Sunday October 23, 2005 and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful assistance I received from Joanne. She was absolutely terrific. Had a wonderful smile on her face and I couldn't believe her product knowledge. She was able to help me find the perfect duvet and sheets. Congratulations to whoever hired her because they obviously saw the wonderful skills she has. I will recommend your store to all my friends and family."

V. Bregman 
"I love the great deals I always find at Beddingtons!"

J. Clamp
"I am from a small town and was pleasantly surprised at the friendly and helpful staff at this store. They have all gone the extra mile every time I have been in."

A. Iles 

"My first visit to Beddington's was to find a bedskirt for my bed.  I had been looking for a month.  The saleswoman was very helpful and went out of her way to help my girlfriend and myself.  I came out not only with a bedskirt but a new duvet and pillow cases and pillows to match.  My bedroom is now complete."

C. Staley
"What came across to me was that you were not just interested in selling to me, but that you were more interested in that I, the customer, was satisfied, which leaves me with a good feeling towards the store; I will come in to purchase again!" 

J. Pare 

 "I put my name on your email list just about 2 weeks ago and then I found that you had some excellent sales. I went to the store on Friday Oct. 7 to look for a set of king size sheets. A very pleasant and helpful salesperson at your Burlington store found me two sets in blue, so I took them both home to see which colour was best. Both were good quality and an excellent price."

S. Stephens
"I was pleasantly surprised by her keen attentiveness to my presence in the store, and to my specific needs. She offered me suggestions within my price specifications. She suggested a better quality duvet for the same cost which I decided to purchase. It was such a pleasure to receive such individual attention." 

L. Stein

"I am presently living on Vancouver Island and I was recently in the store in The Beaches area of Toronto. I would like to thank the sales manager for her help in assisting me with my purchases. Good service with patience is hard to find. A two thumbs up for the staff at Beddington's." 

M. Chapdelaine

"I so wanted to express my delight in shopping at your store location. On arriving at the store, I was asked if I needed assistance. I responded by saying I would like to browse initially and would ask for information later. The clerk was agreeably accepting and I perused the shelves without feeling someone was watching over me, just waiting to make a sale. When I did ask a clerk for help, she was energetic and proficient. No effort was too much for her! She listened, made reflective suggestions which reinforced my belief that she was actively considering what I was saying and pulled copious merchandise from the shelves and displayed them for me. This woman was a shopper's dream! I really felt that her goal was to be sure that I left the store with the best possible bedding choices for me." 

D. Poirier
In the craziness of retail, there are the times in your workday that just make you stop and realize that you can touch the lives of those around you in the simplest of ways. I wanted to share the story about a long time customer who had a rare form of cancer and was given less than a year to live almost 15 years ago. All the store staff know this person and loved them to bits. The customer's illness has progressed rapidly over the past few months and this is their Christmas (2009). The customer approached staff about  6 weeks ago and wanted to get something special for their 3 children and grandchildren. So over the course of 5 hours, 3 visits, nearly 2 thousand dollars and quite a lot of tears -  this customer has now given all their family "new beds". Goose down duvets, cotton-rayon from bamboo duvet covers, pillows, sherpini throw blankets...the works.
Todays visit was the last of their shopping and the hardest emotionally, because they knew they had all that they needed. As we decided who got what, they stopped and said they had prayed for the right, final presents to give, they wanted it to be more than something you "possessed", these gifts had to "do" something for a long time. It dawned on me what the customer had meant. I said to the customer "You want to be able to wrap your loved ones up when you can no longer do it yourself, so that they feel your love after you are gone...Right?" Then we had some tears. Other customers saw and heard this too, and they were touched by the customer's love for their family.
Beddington's Store Employee
(names have been removed for anonymity)


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