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Night Sweats, Menopause, Over heating at night. Will I ever get a good night's sleep?

Night Sweats, Menopause, Over heating at night.  Will I ever get a good night's sleep?

How to get a great night's sleep and wake up refreshed using a washable and breathable wool filled duvet.....why are wool filled duvets such a perfect solution for hot sleepers?

My True Story:

I was working with a customer at one of our stores the other day and she was so frustrated as she feels like a furnace at night and has so much trouble falling a sleep.....tossing and turning and pulling off the covers because she's too hot and then pulling them back on because she's too cold.  Meanwhile, her husband sleeps like a rock right beside her with one leg under the duvet and the other outside of the covers.

"I'm so uncomfortable under the down duvet that we purchased last year (it's almost new) but I can't stand it anymore"!

We hear this all the time from couples.  They're so frustrated because even though polyester or down duvets are great insulators, they don't have the ability to "breathe" and adjust to each person under the covers.  If one of you is too hot and the other is too cold, how can one duvet possibly work for both of you?  

Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions but this is one of the most popular that we recommend. 
Wool filled comforters and duvet inserts are amazing and have now become our number one selling duvet collection. 
In fact, we're sold out and anxiously awaiting the next shipment to arrive shortly. 

1.   Wool is a resiliant protein fiber that breathes naturally and releases excess heat and perspiration into the room from under the covers.  
Wool actually adjusts to each person under the covers and their individual body temperature keeping you warm (not hot) all night long.....even on a hot summer night. 
Resulting in less tossing and turning and deeper sleep.

2.   In addition to "breathable", wool can also absorb one third of it's weight in moisture and not feel damp.  We all perspire at night, it's human nature.  Even on a hot night, wool naturally adjusts to your body temperature and keeps you comfortable all through the night.  
It's especially helpful for "hot" sleepers and women in menopause.  

Deep restful sleep, less tossing and turning, could it get any better? Well actually, it does!

Do you remember those hot, itchy, and smelly wool pants that your parents made you wear? 
That's what most people think of when we mention wool duvets. 
Wool is naturally itchy because it contains barbs that are rough and make wool feel itchy. 
These barbs also contains oil and other allergens which give wool a musky odor and make the wool "un-washable".  

If only we could remove those barbs....we'd be left with beautiful raw wool that's amazing....washable, breathable, hypo-allergenic, and so resilient that it will last for years.  Welll good news.....

Recent improvements in technology have allowed us to process raw wool and remove all of the barbs, with out any chemical agents, leaving the natural wool fiber to fill basic bedding products including comforters, duvets, mattress pads, pillow protectors, and wool around pillows. 
It's natural and safe for the whole family.
Wool is also hypo-allergenic and not a food source for dust mites so it's a healthier sleep as well!

Finally, it's important to use a breathable cotton shell for a wool duvet to allow air flow. 
(Please also use a cotton duvet cover with a wool duvet as a polyester duvet cover will impede the air flow and defeat the whole beauty of the wool fiber).

In Summary, here are the benefits of wool:

1. Wool is breathable and thermally adjusts to each person's body temperature.

2. Wool is not a food source for dust mites and is hypo-allergenic

3. Once the barbs are fully removed, wool duvets can be easily washed in a home laundry

4. Wool can absorb up to 1/3 of it's weight in moisture and not feel damp which is helpful for those who suffer from night sweats.

5. Wool is incredibly resilient and even if pets sleep on top, will hold up easily and wash up easily as well.

6. Raw wool is processed to remove all barbs without chemical agents and the result is this wool is odour free.

7. Wool is naturally resistant to mould and mildew.

8. Wool helps to reduce the tossing and turning at night for excess heat for a better night's sleep.


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